Instrument kit 4.5/6.5mm



Instruments only
Neutral & Loaded drill guide 3.2
Depth gauge 30
Countersink Drill 8
Broken screw exteriorizer
Plate bending forceps 2×1
Periosteal elevator Flat 16
Periosteal elevator Round 8
Screwdriver (hex) + driver nut sw 3.5
Hohmann retractor 2×1
HA 4.5 Tap
HA 6.5 Tap
Skid exteriorizer sw 3.5
Reduction forceps
Curred reduction forceps
Self – centering forceps (two)
Drill bit – 3.2×150 (two)
Drill bit – 4.5×150 (two)
C-Shaped Guider 3×1
Drill Bushing 3.2/4.5
Drill bushing 4.5/6.5
Screw holding forceps
Case with 4.5/6.5 screw rack


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