Large Fragments Kit 4.5/6.5mm



Orthopedic 4.5 – 6.5mm System.

This excellent quality system offers plates, screws and instruments. All screws are self tapping, hex head with standard size of the head. Packed in nice aluminum.

Below are list of (plates, screws, instruments) included in orthopedic 4.5 – 6.5mm System.

Neutral & Loaded drill guide 3.2
Depth gauge 30
Countersink Drill 8
Broken screw exteriorizer
Plate bending forceps 2×1
Periosteal elevator Flat 16
Periosteal elevator Round 8
Screwdriver (hex) + driver nut sw 3.5
Hohmann retractor 2×1
HA 4.5 Tap
HA 6.5 Tap
Skid exteriorizer sw 3.5
Reduction forceps
Curred reduction forceps
Self – centering forceps (two)
Drill bit – 3.2×150 (two)
Drill bit – 4.5×150 (two)
C-Shaped Guider 3×1
Drill Bushing 3.2/4.5
Drill bushing 4.5/6.5
Screw holding forceps
Case with 4.5/6.5 screw rack
Plates – different sizes for 4.5 and 6.5 screws = 10 (5-14 holes 92-254mm)
Bone screws HA 4.5 (cortical) and 6.5(cancelleous) = 90


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